Friday, February 25, 2011

A pop of red

Every color scheme needs a pop of color somewhere to make it interesting. (I learned that from HGTV by the way!) I have chosen red as my pop color for Cydney's black and white graduation quilt. These two blocks are my favorite so far. The log cabin block was the most fun to make. Someday I will do an entire quilt out of this block (if I can just get this quilt done first!)


  1. Love these blocks!! By the way, your link isn't working from Whoop Whoop Friday - I think your URL address got messed up with it linked. I THINK you can go back to my webpage, delete your link (there'll be a little x by it if you can), and re-link. I'd hate for you to miss your whoop whoops!!!

  2. Never mind - I fixed it! I found out I can fix stuff like that in the linky program I use!! Woohoo!!