Friday, February 18, 2011

Musings of a new quilter

I've discovered for myself what generations of women have known - quilting is healing. Quilting forces me to downshift out of my normally frantic pace and relax. I love every aspect of it, the way the fabric feels, the patterns and combinations of colors, the clean slice of my rotary cutter and the rhythm of the sewing machine. I enjoy making different shapes come together in an artful arrangement of fabric. But the best part is the giving of the quilt.

It is a family tradition to give a quilt at a highschool graduation and since my mother and grandmother are gone, the task falls to me. I'm glad to do it and am proud that my grandmother's quilting blood runs in my veins and the tradition will carry on.

My daughter Cydney's graduation quilt will be black and white. When my grandmother was alive, I was too young and interested in other things to learn to quilt. I'm blessed to have a quilting friend, Sarah Craig, who has taught me so, thank you Sarah. I've posted the first quilt block I learned to make and the first one in the series of blocks I will use for Cydney's quilt. An easy four patch.


  1. LOVE the black and white! They are gorgeous together. Your four patch is amazing. I can't wait to see more.

    Welcome to the quilting world.

  2. That is a very nice and full of tradition thing you are doing. A quilt always brings memories of grandma , being loved, and sweeter, slower times.

  3. Your quilt for Cydney is going to be fabulous - you quilt savant!! You hardly needed me to teach you - you definitely have quilting blood running in your veins!